Iraq Kurdistan 2015 – Covering the work of „Shadows Of Hope“

Shadows of Hope is a non-profit/non-government organization. They conduct humanitarian aid work in the form of combat lifesaver training to the kurdish peshmerga, provide medical treatment on the frontline against ISIS (Daesh) for the peshmerga, overhauling a military hospital, which includes implementing protocols and proper procedures inside the Emergency Room, ICU and hospital wards. And if necessary they support the peshmerga fighters in combat operations. It’s a small group with military and/or medical background. They don’t get paid for what they are doing! In fact they use their own money and all the donations to buy medicines and equipment to give to the peshmerga. Until now they trained more than 1200 people, they were supplying over 200km of the frontline against ISIS with emergency medicine, training, and personnel, which is close to 20% of the frontlines in Iraq.

I met those great guys down in Sulaymaniyah, went with them to the front line near Kirkuk. I will, for security reasons, only give their first names. Thanks to „Doc“, „Mike“, „Sam“ and „Brandon“.

Last month they went to Sinjar region of northern Iraq. „Sinjar was where on the 8th August 2014 just over 40,000 Yazedi men, women and children were massacred by ISIS. Today Sinjar is still one of the hardest hit areas Iraq, in the city, fighting still rages on a daily basis, there is no running water, no electricity, most of town has been reduced to rubble and because the local hospital is still within „Heavy weapons“ range the medical facilities are almost non existent. I’ve been burdened and appalled by what I’ve been told by Yazedi refugees who made it out alive and the photographs of the dead they had to leave behind taken their mobile phones, so they can show the world what really happened and so they themselves are not tempted to forget the horror. This group of guys and I want this to stop and since our governments won’t do anything meaningful to put a stop to it, we will. Our mission will be both defensive and humanitarian in nature.“ (Quotation Mike)

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